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wish list

Manitowoc County Habitat for Humanity maintains a wish list of items or services of which we are in need. By generously providing any of these items, you are helping to keep our construction and operation costs low which allows us to help more local families.

In many cases, a gift card to an area hardware or building store such as Braun Building Supply, Menards, Lowes, Fleet Farm or Ace True Value would save you effort, still meet our needs and be greatly appreciated.

construction site
  • ladders

    • extension

    • 8' step

    • 3' or 27" step

  • cordless power tools

  • screwdriver bits and spade bits

  • air compressor and air hoses

  • framing nailer

  • finish nailer

  • coil nailer

  • stapler/brad nailer

  • router

  • router bits

  • hammer drill

  • wet/dry shop vac

  • folding saw horses

  • roller support stand

  • 3' work stands and platforms

  • quick clamps (various sizes)

  • magnetic sweeper

  • heavy duty extension cords

  • laser level

  • paintbrushes

  • paintrollers (smooth to medium)

  • painters tape

  • plastic sheeting and drop cloths

  • sandpaper (various grits)

  • utility knives and 100pk blades

  • boxes of shop towels

  • new safety glasses and ear protection
  • work gloves (various sizes)
  • grocery gift cards for volunteer lunches or snacks
office & resale center
  • garbage and ziplock bags of various sizes

  • dollies and handcarts

  • laminator and supplies

  • printing services (signs, brochures, stationery, etc)

  • grocery gift cards for volunteer lunches or snacks

  • blue painters' tape

  • office supplies (legal pads, post-it notes, black/blue pens, black fine point Sharpies)

  • white copy paper

  • postage

  • cleaning supplies (light duty spray, glass cleaner, paper towels, foaming hand soap, Glad air freshener)

big ticket items

We are very much in need of a couple of large items that will allow us to more easily fulfill the work and purpose of our ReSale Center.


If you or your business has the ability to donate these items (new or used), we would be so very appreciative.

  • an enclosed delivery truck with lift gate, to be used for pickup and delivery of ReSale Center donations and purchases

  • a stake-side trailer able to be pulled by SUV



is put into action.

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